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Annual Dinner and Awards Screenshots
25 April 2022

Best Script, Joe Ogden & Jim Walker, Halt!

Best Cinematography, Harry Nicholls, The Bronte Connection

Best Sound, Andrew Cockerill, Halt!

Best Visual Effects, Ian J. Simpson, The Spider

Best Editing, Ian J. Simpson, The Spider

Best Actor, Peter Whitley (as Harold), Halt!
Best Actress, Catherine Bailey (as Jenny), Halt!

Runner-Up / Best Fiction, Jim Walker, Halt!

Best Film, Ian Egglestone, Made in China

Competition Winners

Edit in Camera, Ian & Judith Simpson, The Companion

One Minute Film, Judith Simpson, Beginners Guides To Tits

Five Minute Film, Ian & Judith Simpson, Blue Skies in Faringdon

Ten Minute Film, Ian Egglestone & Phil Wainman, Walk Tall

Film to a Theme - Twist, Harry Nicholls, Oklahoma

Film to a Record, Phil Wainman, Zero

Holiday Film, Ian Egglestone, Autumness