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My First Encounter with Analogue Video
Written by Dave Marshall

1983 my son Chris was getting baptised at St Barnabas Church, Heaton. My dad Vic who was very tech savvy suggested we video it. So being a Hi-Fi buff, I knew Erricks, Bradford did video work.

The owner of Erricks was a member of the Bradford Cine Circle, now known as the Bradford Movie Makers. After a short discussion and £70 lighter, I walked out with a camera and recorder. The camera weighed at least 10 pounds and the recorder was the size of a medium suitcase. My Dad Vic paid the £70 though.

I played about with it for about an hour and being a photographer I got the hang of it all, almost.

I did not film in the church but at the party afterwards which I also did the catering for £15, a lot cheaper than the video hire.

I still have the footage somewhere on DVD and the only footage of my lovely now deceased Mother-in-Law.

I joined the Bradford Cine Circle about 15 years later and realised a great deal of the technology had altered since, both in size and quality and more importantly cost. This makes it available to all.

5 August 2021