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Challenge Match with Mercury
Wednesday 20 November 2019

So tonight was the Challenge Match with Mercury, hosted at their club premises in Rawdon. After an entertaining evening of watching the films entries, Mercury won 2-1. So congratulations Mercury and better luck to Bradford next time. The judge was actor Izzie Smith. Bradford got one point for 'Return From Walthamstow', which was judged Best Film.

Challenge Match with Leeds
Monday 5 August 2019

Tonight's challenge match with Leeds was hosted by us at the Bradford Movie Makers. After an entertaining evening watching the film entries, Bradford was declared the winner, with 3 points to 0. We got 2 points for best overall program and 1 point for Best Film, which was 'The Synthetic Revolution in Yorkshire'. The judge was Trevor Spencer from the Huddersfield Film Makers Club.

Monday 25 March 2019

So tonight was our Trivention competition with Leeds Movie Makers and Mercury Movie Movie Makers. So, what is a Trivention you may ask? Well, each club makes up a showreel of films containing both fiction and non-fiction, which must last no longer than 30 minutes. Each showreel is shown in full and the judge decides the winner based on the overall best showreel, as a pose scoring films individually. Of course, if one of the films in a particular showreel is very good or very bad, this can add to or detract from the overall quality of the reel.

Well, all three showreels were highly entertaining, but there can be only one winner and that was Mercury. A special thanks to our Judge Ken Wilson, because let's be honest, without Judges, they'd be no competitions.

The films shown in Bradford's showreel were Uplift, Invisible in Ogden, Synthetic Revolution in Yorkshire and Appointment in Walthamstow.

WRCG Victory for Bradford
Friday 8 March 2019

So this evening we attended the West Riding Cine Group (WRCG) Ten Minute film competition which was hosted by the Leeds Movie Makers and organised by Dave Morton. This competition involves multiple clubs from the West Riding region submitting fiction and/or non-fiction films of no more than ten minutes in length. In total, these films ran for one hour and ten minutes and made up a varied and very entertaining show-reel.

Bradford submitted two films. 'The Synthetic Revolution in Yorkshire' a documentary and 'Appointment in Walthamstow' a fictional film. Both films were written by Judith Mary Simpson. 'The Synthetic Revolution in Yorkshire' won Runner up for Non-Fiction and 'Appointment in Walthamstow' won Best Film. As you can imagine we were all overjoyed.

Filming, editing and special effects for 'Appointment in Walthamstow', were done by Judith's husband Ian J. Simpson and the actors were Harry Nicholls, Keith Wilcock and Phil Wainman.